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    The 8th Global Sales Conference successfully held

    On January 17th, 2018, the first day of the twelfth lunar month, KFMI Global Sales Conference 2018 was held in Suzhou successfully. Sales representatives from all over the world gathered together to discuss the past andforecast the future. Its been a year since last reunion.

    Suzhoucity was built in 514 BC, dating back more than 2500 years of history. Suzhou is a nationally famous ecological garden city.People say that the heaven is on the top, and Suzhou and Hangzhou are on the ground.Having the conference in Suzhou added a humanistic art with Chinese characteristics to it.

    On the 16th evening, local folk artists in Suzhou played the Suzhou Pingtan for those sales representatives from all over the world, which is very appealing characteristic of Jiangnan culture.The performance was interspersed with jokes filled with fun, cadency and pleasant. The collision of arts and sciences, the succession of historical culture heirs and the modern science technology leader have created a wonderful spark of joy and amusement.

    The meeting startedat 9:00 on the 17th, Dr. Lijun Yao, chairman of KFMI delivered a welcome speech. We looked back the past year in which we went public, contracted huge equipment, awarded customers praise…One after another milestoneconnected a remarkable 2017; focusing on today, we keep working hard on classic projects, opening up new areas, developing new markets; to the future, our journey of success goes on.

    Dinner party began with red carpet walking.Saying thoseKFMI people at daytime conferencewere well-trained professional elites, at the dinner party they were dressed up like stars, stunned the guests.Ladies dressed in cheongsam, and men put on elegant suit.They walked with our honored guests to the other side of the red carpet, for a brighter future. This not only became a beautiful landscape, but also added a sense of ceremony for the dinner party

    During the prize-awardingpart, six sales representatives accepted the awards for outstanding performance in 2017, shared their joy of harvest with all the attendees. The dinner party was wellprogrammed.KFMI people not only performed international show in various languages, but also put on a “cheongsam & Jambalaya show, which is a combination of Chinese and Western culture. It offered an opportunity for all guests to feel elegant and graceful beauty of Jiangnan, andto enjoy the playful exotic style. At the end,KFMIs young employeesperformed Panama, rocked the party by dancing with guests, and pushed the whole party to the climax.

    Global Sales Conference 2018came to a perfect end. Like Chairman Yao Lijunsaid, KFMI will be "Faster, Better and Stronger" in the coming new year. Wewill continue ourjourney of successtogether, andwe wouldcertainly expect a brighter future.

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