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    KFMI’s First Overseas Plant Opened in Malaysia

    The opening ceremony of KFMI’s first overseas plant Konfoong Materials International (M) Sdn Bhd (hereinafter as “KFMI Malaysia”) was heldin SunPower Malaysia Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (hereinafter as “SPMY”) on August 15, 2018.

    Dr. Yao Lijun (Chairman and CTO of KFMI),Dr. Pan Jie(President of KFMI),Mr.Pek Sek Khai (General Manager of KFMIMalaysia), and Mr.Wouter Ooghe(President of SPMY) attended the ceremony, together with top management from bothparties.After the ceremony, all guests visited KFMI Malaysiaplant, SPMY management spoke highly of KFMI’s product quality and service supplied in the past years.

    SunPower is one of KFMI’s key customers in solar industry.After nearly ten years of dedicated cooperation, KFMI has become SunPower’s master target supplier.KFMI Malaysia aims to serve customers with more professional, timely and efficient technical support, to build a firm foundation for upcoming international competitions. The opening of KFMI Malaysia not only means that KFMI and SunPower have stepped into a new stage of collaboration, also indicates that KFMI hasachieved a milestone breakthrough in overseas strategic layout by grasping the development opportunity of “One Belt And One Road”.

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