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    The 9th Global Sales Conference successfully held

    KFMI successfully held its ninth Global Sales Conference in the legendary oriental landmark, Shanghai, on 10th January 2019. Once being the most favorite oriental metropolis to foreigners, Shanghai has grown to the largest city in China and second largest city in Asia in terms of GDP value and one of the world’s financial centers, thanks to China’s “Reform and Opening Up Policy”. Sticking to the concept of “Global Cooperation, Innovation and Win-win Spirit”, KFMI talked with agents and distributors from all over the world on the strategic development of the semiconductor industry and expansion of KFMI’s global business.    

    Dr. Jay Pan, the General Manager, first delivered a welcome speech on behalf of KFMI. He conveyed thanks to the guests for coming to Shanghai and shared the remarkable achievements that KFMI has made by reviewing every milestone in KFMI’s history: from output of the first target product to successful mass production and nowadays sales to more than 200 world-class semiconductor producers in 16 countries and regions in three continents - KFMI is practicing the China Story by its own actions.

    The conference then followed by various topics under the theme of “Transformation, Innovation and Global Win-Win”, e.g. technology and product R&D, equipment and analytical capabilities, business and capacity planning, talent and team building etc., with an eye on the global strategic positioning of KFMI.

    The conference was finished with a “Shanghai Oldies” styled banquet. Guests from all over the world and KFMI’s management team have enjoyed delicious foods as well as a series of amazing cultural shows which vividly recreated the unique oriental glamour of Shanghai in 1930’s. KFMI being a pioneer manufacturer also acts as the promoter of Chinese culture when going out to the world.

    2018 has been another remarkable year and milestone for KFMI after its IPO in 2017, with so many wonderful and touching moments to cherish. Once again, KFMI people proved to the world the unlimited China Power potentials by a number of breakthroughs. 2019 has come, wish KFMI to have a bright and prosperous future!

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