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    KFMI And VCC Reached Strategic Cooperation in Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Equipment And Core Components

    On the morning of July 26, KFMI and VCC held a signing ceremony in Yuyao, Ningbo, officially announced strategic cooperation on semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and core components project.The two sides reached a consensus on the exclusive distribution rights of VCCs products in mainland China, and the establishment of joint ventures, technology introduction, joint research and development, production and sales of integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and core components.

    Dr. Pan Jie, President of KFMI, led the companys entrepreneurial team to attend the ceremony with colleagues from sales, production and other related departments witnessed this historical moment. In the ceremony, Dr. Pan Jie, President of KFMI and Mr. Peng Pengyi, General Manager of VCC, delivered speeches respectively and signed the agreement solemnlyon behalf of the two companies.

    The strategic cooperation between KFMI and VCC will bring new vitality to the independent and controllable development of semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and core components on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.And it will accelerate industrial upgradingeffectively, adjust and optimizeproduct structure.Accordingly, it can open a new chapter of common development!

    Over the past fourteen years, Dr.Yao Lijun has led the entrepreneurial team to focus on researching, developing and manufacturing of ultra-high-purity metal materials and sputtering targets insuper large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing. At present, the products have been applied to the advanced technics products of world-class semiconductor companies, breaking the long-term monopoly of US and Japanese multinational companies. VCC has the experience in processing precisionparts for more than 30 years. Its technical team has been committed to the researching, developing and manufacturing of core components for integrated circuit manufacturing equipment. And VCC's products have been applied to internationally famous integrated circuit manufacturing companies in Taiwan, Japan and Singapore etc.

    Super large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing is the commanding height of high-tech industries, and it is also a key and strategic emerging industry in China.The core components of integrated circuit equipment are in small batches, high precision, multi-variety and high cleanliness. Therefore, they need to be supported bythe techniques of micro-precision processing and specific surface treatment. With the development of integrated circuits across the Taiwan Straits, there is an urgent need to break the international monopoly of core equipment and core components, complement the self-sufficiency of key components, and create an important strategic layout of intensive service bases.

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